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How to Apply Privacy Film in 7 Steps

One of the more common privacy issues I have seen with small apartment living is the privacy between neighbors. I got lucky and have these large windows with tons of natural lighting available right in the front of our home. The downside? They are eye level and look straight into my living room. I don’t know about you, but I do not want someone walking by able to see me in my pajamas or less BUT I also don’t want to lose that great natural lighting.


20160423_154618865_iOS (2)

See how the view is straight over my desk? Not cool.

My solution? Non-adhesive, non-permanent privacy window film.

Luckily, the film I found wasn’t overly expensive and it came in a HUGE roll. I only needed to cover one window, and I had more than enough to get the job done. I also want to note that I didn’t completely cover the window, just about the bottom foot and a half to prevent a view straight in.


How to Apply Privacy Film

Thanks to Amazon’s Student Prime account, my order arrived really quickly, and I was able to start my new improvement to our home the next day. To my surprise, the process went quickly and efficiently.

Things You Need :

  • Privacy Window Film
  • Window Cleaner
  • Water (in a spray bottle)
  • Paper Towels
  • Razor Blade
  • A smoothing device (I used an old store card and it worked beautifully.
  1. Clean your window thoroughly. This is to ensure a nice smooth surface for the film to cling to.
  2. Use your blade to cut the film to just a half inch large than your window. You will clean up the edges later.
  3. Spray the window with a light mist from the bottle. Too much will create more of a mess than be of any help.
  4. Now you will want to position one edge flush to the window panes edge. Use your hand to smooth the film across the window, lifting as needed to get a fairly smooth contact. Don’t worry about a few small bubbles, you can smooth those out.
  5. Once the film is placed and has a good covering on the window, take your card or squeegee and push the air bubbles in the film to the sides. They will smooth out and create a seamless contact between the film and the window. Don’t press too hard, because depending on the films thickness, you may cause a small rip. Be patient.
  6. Once totally smooth, wipe down the window to remove excess water.
  7. You’re Done!


My Final Thoughts

For a fairly cheap and easy process, I highly recommend anyone considering this method of improving privacy take the leap. It is pretty simple to do and only took me about 30 minutes to get done. I love the final look of my new study area, and I don’t have to worry about peeping toms when I want to sit in some natural lighting! This solution is perfect for any renters out there because it is very easy to remove and leaves absolutely no residue behind for when you move out. It is inexpensive, and great improved my love of our home.

Do you have any privacy solutions from your home? Share with us below!


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